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“We are proud allies of our LGBTIQ friends, family members and fellow Australians. We support marriage equality but don’t want a plebiscite to get us there. We believe a plebiscite on marriage equality is unnecessary and will be costly and divisive. We are particularly concerned about the harm to vulnerable LGBTI people. We call on all federal politicians to vote against a plebiscite and for there to be a free vote on marriage equality instead.”


Marriage Equality won’t be binding.

It will waste millions of taxpayers’ dollars.

Our politicians can make it law now, for free.

The plebiscite has passed though the Lower House and now the Senate is all that stands between us and a hurtful, expensive, divisive and unnecessary plebiscite that isn’t even legally binding. Please send a message to Senators from your state asking them to vote down the plebiscite.

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About pflag

Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) is an international LGBTI peer support group that has been operating in Australia for over 30 years.

The main purpose is to provide support and resources for families to help them understand and support their LGBTI loved ones.

PFLAG’s goals are to support parents with peer support, written resources, group meetings and a helpline.

We advocate for our sons and daughters rights by lobbying State and Federal Governments and community education with awareness campaigns and public speaking when requested.

PFLAG is 100% voluntary, we have no political alliances and are non-religious. What brings us together is our goal to increase understanding and support of diversity in the general community  to minimise discrimination for our LGBTI loved ones.

Our motto is “keeping families united”.

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