Make Marriage Equality Law in 2017

The Australian parliament listened to the people and ditched the unpopular, expensive, divisive plebiscite. Now we are getting on with Plan B for marriage equality in our country. Join us by encouraging those Coalition members who already support marriage equality to press for a free vote or cross the floor. Your email will go to all Liberal and National members who back the reform.

Just one email to deliver your message

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About Make It Law

Make It Law is an initiative of PFLAG Australia and is supported by just.equal and Rainbow Families.

PFLAG Australia is a support and advocacy organisation for the parents and friends of LGBTI Australians.

just.equal is a grassroots campaign to advance LGBTI rights in Australia.

Rainbow Families (Victoria) is a support and advocacy group for LGBTI Australians with children or who intend to have them.

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